Acupuncture For Back Pain: How Does It Work?

Does acupuncture for back pain actually work? This is clearly an important question to ask as acupuncture is certainly something that more people are turning to in order to get some kind of relief from the pain that comes from any kind of back condition and if this is something that you are suffering from, then it does make sense to learn what you can about the treatment before you get started. What follows is a summary of how acupuncture can help ease back pain to then give you a better idea as to whether or not it should be something you try yourself.

What is Acupuncture?

Prior to discussing how it can help with back pain it is best to offer a brief explanation as to what acupuncture actually is as it may be a term you have heard, but actually know relatively little about. Basically, this is an ancient form of medicine that goes back to ancient China although its exact origin and indeed the date is still up for debate, but since then it has been used to ease a number of medical conditions in various parts of the body. What happens with you have acupuncture is that a series of very fine needles are put into certain key points around your body with this being able to release pressure and stimulate the nerves into action in order to help whatever is wrong. The applying of these needles is a skilled job, so practitioners do have to undergo formal training before they are allowed to do it to you, so anybody that you visit should have a certificate to prove that they are able to do the actual treatment.

What Happens When You Have Acupuncture for Your Back?

woman undergoing acupuncture

As was just mentioned, there are a number of spots around the body that the practitioner will focus on in order to help with your condition. The exact spots will depend on the part of your back that is causing the problem because clearly different muscles are used if it is your upper, middle, or lower back, so it is important that they know where the problem lies in order to give you the best treatment. It is also not unusual for people to have needles in areas such as their feet or even their ears when getting treatment for back pain, but do not worry about this as it is simply the practitioner using certain key points related to the release of energy in your body and it is all part of the actual process.

After they have been informed about the problem, it is common for them to place needles both at the exact site of the pain as well as others radiating out from the problem area resulting in you having a number of needles in your back for a short period of time. The number of needles that are inserted will depend on the actual problem, but it is common for you to have more than 15 in your back at any given time and when they are inserted you may either have to lie flat on your stomach or be sitting in an upright position as the practitioner places them in your back.

After this, you will be asked to stay still for anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes before they are then removed and the treatment is complete. Do note that some people report feeling some pain a couple of hours after it, although not too severe, and surprisingly enough others also report feeling very tired and need to sleep a couple of hours later although this is linked to the release of certain chemicals in the brain.

How Does It Help Back Pain?

After the explanation as to what acupuncture is and what happens when you go for treatment on your back, the next logical step is to see how it can actually help with the pain. What you will tend to find, and this has been backed up by various medical studies, is that those small needles that are in your back are capable of doing several things that have undoubtedly benefited a number of people.

First, acupuncture has been shown to ease pain thanks to it stimulating nerves in both muscle and tissues along with helping the brain to produce more endorphins and this in itself is going to give you a boost. Basically, endorphins are capable of changing the way that the feeling of pain is processed in both the spinal cord as well as the brain and by increasing the levels you will then feel the pain levels drop as a result.

Next, acupuncture has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory as well as helping to increase mobility with this, in turn, reducing the amount of swelling and bruising in the affected area. It is capable of doing this because it encourages the release of both vascular as well as immuno-moduality factors in your body resulting in better circulation in a small area leading to mobility improving. There is no doubt that if you are able to reduce the pain, reduce swelling, and improve circulation, then you will have a very good chance of seeing some improvement in your back condition in a relatively short period of time.

The Conclusion

The conclusion that has to be reached is that you really should try acupuncture for back pain as it has helped countless numbers of people to get some kind of relief from what can obviously be an extremely painful condition. The placement of the needles is very well thought out and it has been shown that it is capable of lowering those pain levels as well as act as an anti-inflammatory and ultimately leading to your back feeling more comfortable. Do be aware that you are advised to have a course of treatment rather than simply go the once in order to get the best results and the needles themselves are not sore and indeed you hardly feel them. All that is left to do is to make an appointment to discuss it with a professional and then look forward to an improvement in your back condition thanks to the wonders of acupuncture.

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