Lumbar Extender Review – What You Need To Know

spineIf you are suffering from lower back pain, you will no doubt try anything to relieve the agonizing pain. Lower back pain is a very common ailment that plagues people young and old. Causes could be as simple as posture or long hours at work. Sometimes, it could be a more serious problem in which case it would be best to see the doctor for a checkup and advice.

We’ve found that many people suffering from lower back pain usually have problems stemming from the lumbar region. Pain in this region can be debilitating, causing limited movement and lead to a lower quality of life. In this review, we will have an in-depth look at the Lumbar Extender and how it may help you if you are experiencing lower back pain.

What is the Lumbar Extender?

lumbar extenderThe Lumbar Extender is a highly portable back stretcher that packs flat so it is useful if you want to travel with it. The back stretching device is designed to improve a person’s posture. This is especially in cases where people sit at the desk hunched for hours every day.

It is adjustable with three levels of height adjustment so it fits just about every back out there. Depending on the seriousness of the back pain, it can be used as a stop-gap between visits to your chiropractor or massage therapist.

The instructions say that it is supposed to be used 5-10 minutes a day, two times a day. With repeated use, the lower back pain is supposed to gradually reduce and go away.

How It Claims To Help

I’ve found that people with herniated discs, pinched nerves, misaligned back, minor scoliosis, sciatica, or chronic back pain have all reported good results after using this product. Again, if you’ve not see a doctor for some of these conditions, it is highly recommended that you do so prior to trying this product.

It supposedly places the spine in the same position as McKenzie exercises. These exercises are basically designed to relieve pain and increase flexibility over time.  This device stretches your back and helps to realign the spine to it’s normal position much like what a chiropractor would do to adjust your spine.

Is It Durable?

Understandably if a person weighing over 150 lbs wants to lie down on this repeatedly over time, the concern would be whether it lasts. It’s sad to see that many products don’t last as long as they should nowadays but from my findings this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Lumbar Extender. In fact, users will claim this is a well-constructed piece that will last a long time and count it among their favorite possessions.

“I really wish more products were constructed with this level of excellence and durability.” – Cooper,

Many users report that this product still works great after several years. Some have even re-purchased it after losing it in a move or accidentally throwing it out during a house spring cleaning.

What Do Other Users Say About This Product?

Before buying any product, it is a good idea to check out what real users think about it. This helps you make a smarter decision and helps you save money. We’ve found an overwhelming majority of people love this product during our research. Here’s another example:

“The lumber extender is easy to assemble, portable, and provides a great lower back stretch. My husband uses it daily and really enjoys it, the first setting was too low but the middle setting is perfect. It is easy to use and really helps reduce back stress and pain.” – JP,

What Else Should You Know About the Lumbar Extender

One of the things we’ve found as we’re researching this product is that it takes some getting used to initially. For the back stretcher to work well, the user needs to relax. If a person is tensed up with muscles tight from pain, it can be tough to begin with. This is a back stretcher after all, not a cushion. Given time, this will be easier and easier as this user found:

“The first two weeks that I used the Lumbar Extender, I had some minor discomfort. Now after five weeks using the Lumbar Extender, I can honestly say that my back has not felt better in two years. This device does all that it says it will do. I actually enjoy lying on it for two seven-minute sessions each day-one session in the morning and one session at night.” – Joe W Jackson,

lumbar extender in useBecause your back pain may be a chronic problem, it is also important to note that use of the Lumbar Extender should be carried out regularly for several weeks initially to maximize the benefits. You’ll also need to take it slow initially as your body adjusts back to its norm of being in correct “alignment” again. This is especially so if you have been experiencing a lot of pain for a long time. Start from a lower setting initially to get yourself used to it before moving the arch up.

Users who have severe back pain will advise that you follow the post usage instructions that come with the product. This is because if you attempt to stand up without any support or do it too quickly, the pain will return very quickly. The instructions tell you to roll off the back stretcher and rest on your stomach. After a few minutes of rest on your stomach, slowly lift your body up to your hands and knees before staying put for a while again. After another round of rest, use a table, chair, or other support structure to pull yourself up slowly. This whole process should be slowly carried out. It may seem like a “pain” to do this process in itself, but users will tell you that it is well-worth it after reporting improved mobility and pain-free days.

“Your back will return to the pain, initially within an hour or less but using it 3-4 times a week the pain free time gets longer. Once you are up to around 4-5 hours pain free, start walking again with long strides at a reasonably quick pace to stretch and strengthen the lower back muscles. This will encourage the lower back muscles to keep the spine in alignment.” – Mark H,

Should You Get It?

The Lumbar Extender’s cost is low compared to a doctors visit. With time, it apparently deals with the root causes of lower back pain and provides relief.  This could translate to a lot of savings over time.  From the feedback of real users, this appears to be a great product worth trying out.

It is recommended you buy the original as there are fakes made cheaper elsewhere that are not as effective and not as durable. The good news is, I’ve found the best place to get yours for a great price. Check it out from the most trusted retailer online below and save money.

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