Does the Nayoya Acupressure Mat Offer Back Relief?

You may have come across the Nayoya acupressure mat in the Men’s Health Magazine or the latest health magazine and wondered if this product really suits you.  It’s natural to be skeptical given the plethora of products on sale in the market today that claim to relieve you of back pain, everything ranging from miracle creams to back patches and pain medicines.   Like yourself, I can empathize with you.  What you truly seek, however, is something that offers a more lasting solution without the ongoing need to buy the latest product.

What is the Nayoya Acupressure Mat?

Acupressure is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) derived from acupuncture. It is used to relieve pain without invasive surgery or medicines.  It is a natural form of healing therapy that has no known side-effects and is proven to relieve pain for millions of pain sufferers around the world.  By applying physical pressure on the key acupuncture points in the body, one is able to experience relief.  Acupuncture and nayoya mat set acupressure use the same points, it is just that acupuncture uses needles in treatment while acupressure typically uses hands. The use of acupressure is useful for a variety of ailments such as: headaches, neck pain, backaches, and muscle aches.  It does so by reducing the body’s tension while improving blood circulation.  Many of the 800 acupuncture points run along each side of the spinal column so it is a good place to start treatment for most people. The Nayoya mat tries to accomplish what a acupressure practitioner might do with the incorporation of thousands of sharp plastic points.  These are no sharp enough to pierce your skin.  Rather, they are designed to press on the body’s nerve endings to remove blockages and stimulate the blood circulation thereby bringing about relief. This mat’s 6210 acupressure points are specifically designed to target these points in the body that may be causing the pain.  This acupressure mat comes as a set which comes with a matching neck pillow.  This neck pillow is also fitted with over 1780 sharp plastic points to treat the acupressure points in the neck and shoulder region.

What Do The Actual Users Say About This Product?

According to many users, the mat is so comfortable to lie on that they’ve fallen asleep on it after 10 minutes.

“After 10 minutes I am so relaxed and pain free that I almost want to sleep on the set the whole night. The neck pillow is very well crafted and contours to the shape of the neck perfectly.” – AdogTrainer,

“There are no words to properly describe just how well this acupressure set works. Back pain, neck pain, feet pain (standing on it works great too!) are all part of the past for only brief 10-15 minute sessions as needed. Others have stated you become so relaxed that you can fall asleep while using these and I must say that this statement is 100% accurate”  – WilOTheWisp,

After more digging around, I also found that the neck pillow was featured on the Dr Oz show and he recommended it for migraines.  What an added bonus!

What Else Should You Know About This Product?

You do need to keep in mind that this is a mat and neck pillow that contains a lot of sharp plastic points.  These points may be sharp but they won’t puncture your skin.  Apparently, the effectiveness of this product is maximized when the user lies on it without a shirt on. nayoya mat points Some users report that because of these sharp points, it hurt the first time they use it.  You will have to remember that the points are designed that way in order to maximize the benefits of acupressure therapy.  It does take some time getting used to it if you’ve never tried something like this before.  One of the things these users suggest doing is to first get used to the sharp points by wearing a thin layered shirt before lying on the mat.  Doing this several days before trying it without a shirt on will help.  Just as in normal acupressure treatments with a qualified traditional Chinese medicine specialist, it is important to repeat treatments and that with more time, this mat and neck pillow will relieve the pain in more serious situations.

“We’ve only been using it for about a week and it seems like it’s helping. I heard so many good reviews so I had to get it. I’m sure over time this will really help. I know for sure it can help you relax.” – Bonnie,

This appears to be the same story throughout just like this massage therapist below who liked it so much that he recommended it to his friends/clients as well:

“Takes a time or two to get use to but works just as advertised.  You can feel the increase in circulation and some relaxation of the muscles.”  – Nomadic83,

“As indicated in other reviews, it takes some time to adjust and feel comfortable using it; but after you manage to surpass the initial pain/discomfort, the feeling of wellness is marvelous. I totally recommend this product. “  –  flawalist,

After each “acupressure session”, do remember to drink lots of water as this is said to wash and clear away the toxins in the body.

Where Is The Best Place To Get This Mat and Pillow Set

With all the places that you can find this product, you do need to be careful about imitations.  This is where buying from a trusted retailer is important.  I’ve researched around and found that the best place to get this product is from the leading online retailer.  The great thing too is the price.  To make it easy for you to find it amidst the millions of products they have available, I’ve placed a link to it below.

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